Thesis of Visual Communication Bachelor, SUPSI, Lugano 2014


My thesis project investigates the role of the reader who is transformed by the development of new technologies. We actually live in a world that likes sharing ideas and contents with social networks and wants to discover a new way to read with an interactive narrative.

Preserving the traditional paper book as a starting point, we can exploit the potential of new medias by creating a strong relationship between them to get a new level of interaction between reader and narrative.

This research wants to investigate the possibility of giving a visual form to that imagery in which each reader is immersed while is reading a story.

Socialbook is not just a book but an application too, that helps the reader to interpret the stories in a visual way.

The reader of socialbook is invited to comment and find an own interpretation

about the most significant actions of the story or just see what other readers have decided to share.

This project wants to be a starting point of a system that shares visual contents

to create infinite potential levels of interpretation the same story.

The video

This video wants to explain in a simple and fast way project

The book

Was realized a paper book for present a real example of a possibile future book series called SOCIALBOOK. The story of a book is the famous “Favola d’amore” by Hermann Hesse.

The application

Example of Visual Socialbook app realized for three different dispositive: iphone 4s, Iphone 5s, Ipad


Like a demo to put in the application were realized 8 illustrations about the story.